Wyatt Moss
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I'm happiest when I'm performing

A little about me

I Love to Dance, Perform and Learn

My Name is Wyatt Moss and I'm an 11 year old born in Los Gatos, California but raised and living in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 

When I was 2 my parents said that all I did was dance around the house, so they asked me one day if I'd like to go and dance with other kids. They took me to Bojangles Dance Arts in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where Miss Melanie and Miss Nikki quickly took me under their wings and helped me to unlock my passion for dancing. 

My favourite types of dance are jazz because it is so high energy, and contemporary and lyrical because I'm able to tell emotional stories.  

I have recently started auditioning for theatrical movies and plays and professional dancing opportunities. I love the auditions because I get to meet other talented kids and the directors and choreographers teach us so much every time we're in the room. People have always said that I'm really coachable but mostly I just love to learn and get better all the time.

Thanks for dropping by to learn a little more about me. 




Wyatt Moss competitive dancer and actor dancing solo at dance competition Canada

As I've grown my solo's are moving beyond being cute and I'm learning how to express emotions and tell more mature stories.


Group Numbers

Group Competitive Dance Number "Gold" highest scoring jr group number at The View Dance Challenge

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Shari Quallenberg is my talent manager from AMI

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